LumaNEXT is a provider of power management systems and smart lighting based on low voltage DC microgrids and proprietary power distribution solutions. LumaNEXT is poised to revolutionize power management and lighting in retail, industrial, and office environments, singlehandedly eliminating the need for dangerous high-voltage power grids, costly electrical contracting services, frequent maintenance, and regular bulb replacement. LumaNEXT helps customers to reduce their energy costs by up to 70% while providing a lightweight, maintenance-free system that provides more light than traditional systems yet uses a safe and efficient low-voltage power source. The LumaNEXT platform is comprised of a fully integrated system of smart power servers, power routers, storage, connectors, control and networking modules, sensors, and control and analytics software. Designed to provide plug-and-play efficiency, the entire system can be quickly and easily installed without the need for high-cost labor or specialized tools.