Company Overview

New World Energy Group tackles the challenges of what energy is and what it is becoming. This is achieved through the diverse experience of our management as energy brokers, energy consultants and energy suppliers. Collectively with over 60-years in the energy industry, it is this experience that provides the foundation to offer solutions for the growing challenges that energy and energy-related decision-making offers. It also provides a unique perspective to uncover and leverage the opportunities that a changing energy landscape provides.

An important element to our strategy is to maintain a focus on providing the lowest priced energy, shrinking how much energy you use, reducing your utility-related operating costs and simplifying the complexities of energy’s role in sustainability. As it is said, when you try to be everything to everyone, you accomplish being nothing to anyone. The criteria that define what we do and what we don’t is rooted in what our customer’s need when making energy decisions.

It is important for us to help you makes sense of all the possible choices, especially when so many think their solution is the only one you need.

Our Team

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