Overlapping pricing strategies provide our clients with the means to make their best decision

commodity risks
through product selection

Validating supplier offers through blind bidding and market insight

Presenting all options to reinforce our commitment to transparency

Avoiding hidden fees and costs with a sophisticated pricing model

Minimizing the commodity risk through product selection

Fixed – A straightforward price per kWh with all cost components of energy supply secured for the contract term.

Managed product (fixed & index) – Designed to respond to marketplace challenges by capturing the market opportunities that exist and allow customer to participate in a downward pricing market.

Index – All cost components passed through and tied directly to the day-ahead or real-time index, helping customers avoid risk premiums and maximize market opportunity.

New World Energy’s pricing strategy begins by working closely with our customers regarding the product options that are available to them. The choice of a product strategy is critical as it can create opportunities or issues depending on the customer’s goals and the volatility of the energy marketplace.

Validating supplier costs through market insights

We use independent market intelligence to identify low-price opportunities, as well as validate the offers submitted by energy suppliers. Our expertise is applied to analyzing data since small price differences can have a material affect on a company’s operating costs.

Presenting all options to reinforce commitment to transparency

An essential component to the New World Energy’s customer experience is transparency of the best pricing options for our customers. Supplier choices, product types and product terms are presented with clarity.

Avoiding hidden cost and fees

An energy price is not just the price for energy, it also includes other costs that of which most are not aware. New World Energy analyzes the various components of an energy price independently. This level of analysis and pricing eliminates hidden fees and ensures that customers get the lowest price possible.

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