Solutions to upgrade your building systems and reduce your operating costs

Permanent Energy Reduction Program (PERP)

Invest in reducing energy costs through energy efficiency without capital investment


Utility Bill Management

Simplify your multi-site utility bill management while reducing your costs

Permanent Energy Reduction Program

The Permanent Energy Reduction Program (PERP) finances immediate energy efficiency projects without a capital investment. Capital budget limitations often sideline these critical priorities. New World Energy's PERP finances your project and uses your energy bill to pay for the investment. The benefits of your efficiency improvements are immediate and the investment is now part of your operating costs.

Implement energy efficiency and sustainability upgrades with no upfront costs

No upfront capital
investment for energy conservation measures

Automatic integration
into supply bills as a single line item

Immediate savings
with reductions in operating expenses

Minimal balance sheet impact to help you achieve fiscal objectives

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Utility Bill Management

The New World Utility Bill Management program consolidates and automates the processing of all utility bills for multi-site companies that currently manage these costs one bill at a time.

The benefits are numerous

  •  100% accuracy in billing charges
  •  Anomalies are uncovered and reported
  •  Errors are identified and resolved
  •  A ‘no late fees' guarantee
  •  Easy-to-use platform allowing for in-house analysis and reporting
  •  Pay all utility bills with a single payment

Utility bill management is typically overlooked as an opportunity to improve operations and reduce costs

Workload is large & complicated

  • The sheer number of bills is significant with no common timeframes
  • Utilities bill in differing units impacting analysis and bill comparisons
  • Bill management is further complicated by cadence and billing period differences

Issues and mistakes go undiagnosed

  • Accounts may be assigned incorrect rates and tariffs by the utility
  • Billing anomalies are hard to uncover
  • Use of estimated billing across multiple billing cycles prevents actual-cost tracking and analysis

Data is unstable and unmined

  • No standardized data warehouse for utility costs and utility unit consumption
  • Required investment is not priority relative to other company data and IT needs
  • Utility bills house important data points that can be used in making energy investment decisions

Automating your energy bill management will save you time, reduce costs and turn data into intelligence

Cloud based access of component data points

All current and historical utility bills are disaggregated and digitized enabling immediate access and generation of insights via account oriented navigation bar and extensive search functionality

Bespoke data organization

Data is organized based on desired structure to facilitate corporate structure, financial reporting and data intelligence needs

Visibility into cost drivers

Illuminating the relative impact of each utility bill component expands operational awareness and provides the path to component based solutions.

Rate and billing error detection and resolution

Continuous automated utility bill data analysis uncovers utility bill issues including incorrect rates, missing cost items, and erroneous charges which lead to potential savings when corrected

Anomaly identified and confirmed

Usage irregularities are discovered and investigated to determine possible causes and solutions that often result in lowering operating costs

Single click operational and financial reporting

Standard and custom reporting with advanced Search functionality

Standard and customer automated alerts

Action-based alerts that are defined to develop utility specific operational efficacy and identify small issues before they magnify

Start/Stop/Transfer service

Manages all facility and tenant changes that require opening, closing and transferring utility service

Integrate with enterprise accounting software

Manage utility bills and data with utility bill platform service while also integrating data into enterprise accounting software package

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