About Us

NEW WORLD ENERGY GROUP is a locally owned and operated business with offices in McDonald PA, and downtown Pittsburgh at the Energy Innovation Center.

Company Overview

NWEG is a locally owned and operated business in the Greater Pittsburgh area, and a member of the Energy Innovation Center.  NWEG energy consultants have been in the industry from the beginning of deregulation.  These consultants have collectively facilitated and managed over 40k commercial contracts and over 1.5 billion dollars in annual energy spend to date as members of one of the largest Energy Brokerages in PJM.

The perspectives and experience acquired over the past decade has given the NWEG and the Alliance a unique advantage in the industry.  This level of knowledge can only be gained by the first-hand experience of visiting and listening to thousands of facility managers, business owners, and C-level executives.

At NWEG, our goal has always been to develop a ”Holistic” approach to energy management as a service, by creating an Alliance of the best-in-class energy experts in their specific spheres of influence and expertise. The Alliance is now a reality, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you!

Meet the Team

Photo of NWEG employee Christian Silveira

Christian Silveira

President & CEO, (CEP)

Photo of NWEG employee Richard Voelker

Richard Voelker

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Photo of NWEG employee Craig Burton

Craig Burton

Director of PJM West

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